In Love With Thursdays

i love thursdays

I was always a fan of Wednesdays — it’s the middle of the week — but ever since I met Jeff, Thursdays have taken its place. Thursdays have always been our days, and I love them. I look forward to spending most of my day with him — they’re like Valentine’s Day except I share my time with our boys.

Mornings are similar to the rest of the week: Jeff will spend time with Rocky at the park while I make breakfast for the family. We’ll eat and head out to enjoy a beautiful day. If it’s raining, we’ll watch a movie on the couch. Sometimes we meet up with Jeff’s brother and his family for a beach day or just to hang out. Either way, it’s a great day because I get to spend it with my love.


Now, excuse me… I have a date with my boys. :)

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MomViews: Doing It On Your Own


MomViews Motherhood Through My Eyes
EpicmommyadventuresBeing a mother can be a wonderful experience. But when you have to take on two roles — both mother and father — it gets tough. Natasha Peter, blogger at Epic Mommy Adventures, shares her experience as a single parent. Below is her feedback.

MomViews: There has to be a name for a mother that can do it all on her own. You’d make Superwoman jealous. You have a wonderful little boy who is full of adventures. How do you keep up with him?

Natasha Peter:  Some days are more difficult than others, but overall, a lot of it has to do with creating a mental schedule of when we do things. I have learned to distract him when needed, engage in tons of play at other times, and relax with him at other times. He’s a great child, I must admit, and he makes being a single parent that much easier to deal with.
MV: What role does Micah’s father play in his life? Is he an active father? 
NP: Micah’s father does play a big role in his life; however, he is not as active as I would like him to be. We have set up child support and shared custody, where Micah goes to his house every other weekend. He does not attend events or activities at Micah’s school nor is he involved when Micah is ill. We are co-parenting in the sense that Micah goes to his house every other weekend, but beyond that, he is not overly involved.

MV: Did you face any issues when you decided single-parenting was the best for your son? 
NP: It was really hard deciding to leave Micah’s father and becoming a single parent. I questioned if I was doing the right thing or whether or not we’d be able to make it. I faced judgment and criticism from some, but overall I experienced tons of support. My mom was living near us at the time and she was a huge help in making the transition very easy. We have had some hard times but we have persevered.

What is it about Micah that you love most?

: I really love everything about Micah. He is smart, adorable, full of energy, sassy and possibly the most lovable child you will meet. He can warm your heart with these incredible hugs. I have friends that come over when they’re having a rough day just to get one of his hugs. I also love that he makes me strong – he forces me to believe that any thing is possible and that we will be okay. Even on the roughest of days and there have been plenty, I know that we will come through fine.

 What advice would you give to a single parent struggling to raise their child(ren)?

: There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t seem that way when you’re in the darkness, but soon enough, you will see the light at the end and you’ll gladly walk towards it. Support of others is also huge. Even if your support is not friends or family, there are people willing to be there for you and to help you through all the difficult times and laugh with you during the good times. You will be okay in time.

Be sure to check out Natasha’s blog, Epic Mommy Adventures and say hi on Twitter.

Next week’s session will share insights from a former teacher who decided to homeschool her children. Stay tuned! 

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Teachings Tuesday: Give Others A Chance

Anger quote

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I have yet to meet a happy angry person. I’m convinced those don’t exist. As angry as you may be with a person or a situation, you must learn to let that pain go. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s well worth it. ;) I’m learning the importance of doing so, and I think it’s critical to experience nirvana.

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FAQs Friday: What do you clean with?

FAQs FridayCleaning is a stress reliever and I like to use products don’t harm my little guy. Occasionally I’ll use Clorox wipes, but I prefer baby wipes and a vinegar and water mix. I use the mix to clean surfaces, glass and mirrors. It’s less toxic and leaves a great shine. I use a little Pine-Sol mixed with water (heavy on the water) on the floors.

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MomViews: What Moms Think Of Motherhood

MomViews Motherhood Through My Eyes

Motherhood isn’t a walk in the park. For some women the difficulties began during their pregnancy, while others considered labor to have been the toughest. In a five-question survey, I was able to track what moms had to say about their experience along with the day-to-day challenges they face. The graph below indicates caring for their children is the toughest for 47% of moms. Motherhood labor pregnancy

Childcare can get expensive, not only financially but emotionally. One mother expressed her concern with having someone else care for her children: “[I] don’t want anyone else to care for them, but life goes on,” she then explained why, “You have to work or go to school and you just have to leave their side for hours. Regardless of your child’s age – mine are three and two weeks old — and it never gets easy!”

Other mothers considered childcare as the toughest part of parenting because your kids always come first, and you never really know if you’re making the right choices for them. For single mothers this can be difficult. One shared her views: “‘…Sometimes I can’t afford to give or get my child the things she may want or need due to lack of education and finances.”

A Mother’s Love
Love was a common theme among these mothers. Whether they found unconditional love or sublime love, these mothers can all agree that it is a love they had never experienced before and watching their children grow are all part of the blessings of motherhood.

Join me next week for a session on advice for single-parenting.

Also, be sure to check out tomorrow’s post, a continuation of the #AllYouNeedIsLoveProject

Teachings Tuesday: Build Each Other Up

Build Each Other Up

If things aren’t working out between you and your significant other, try sitting down with him/her and talking about how you feel. If you need to write down what’s on your mind, go for it! 

Jeff and I have a notebook where I share my thoughts with him and I have one for myself, because sometimes, you just need a clean sheet of paper and a pen. Try it, you might like it. ;)
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